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Review Supernsetips – Very Very Good Share Market Trading Rules

1. Seldom chase a stock. 2. Buy when markets are in the grip of panic. 3. Only buy fundamentally strong stocks, which are undervalued. 4. Buy stocks grown in top line & bottom line over the past years. 5. Invest in companies with proven management. 6. Avoid loss-making companies. 7. PE Ratio & Growth in earnings per share are the key. 8. Look for the dividend paying record. 9. Invest in stocks for definite returns. 10. Stocks have been the high yielding asset class over the past. 11. Stocks are an asset class. 12. The basic property of any asset class is to grow. 13. Buy when everyone is selling & sell when everyone buys. 14. Invest a fixed amount each month.

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Dave Tanguay
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Dave Tanguay
Dave Tanguay
Dave Tanguay

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