15 Unique Silhouette Sets for Design

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15 Unique Silhouette Sets for Design

These aren’t your ordinary silhouettes. 15 of the best, free silhouettes to download and use.

Most designers will agree that silhouettes makes life simpler. With silhouettes, you don’t need to worry about things like hair color or clothing styles or whether a particular model has been overused on other websites. The problem is that so many silhouettes do look the same. Here are 15 wonderfully unique, top quality and free silhouettes in various formats to use in your next project.

Costume Photoshop Shapes

From Cowboys to Wizards, Princesses to Ballerinas, this collection of Photoshop shapes features a whole bevy of costumed silhouettes.

Victorian Silhouettes Font

Gorgeous Victorian-style silhouettes in a dingbat font, for your next 1800-inspired design.

Children’s Silhouettes Photoshop Brushes

30 little boys and girls, individually and in groups, are featured in this collection of Photoshop brushes. For non-commercial and personal use only.

Egypt Silhouettes Font

Egyptian heiroglyphic-inspired silhouette dingbats worthy of the walls of an ancient pyramid.

Kitchen Silhouette Vectors

I run a food blog, so cooking-related design elements are something I always have in my library. These, which include silhouettes of pots, pans and whisks in vector format, are a personal favorite.

Facetype Font

Perfect for avatar design or a community website, this font includes silhouettes of people’s heads in all shapes and sizes.

Fitness Silhouettes Vectors

From traditional yoga poses to- the exercise I hate the most- lunges, these silhouettes of fitness poses are great for logo designs or to perk up your health-related blog.

The Rap Attack

Yo yo yo! Here’s a vector pack of rap-related silhouettes, complete with rappers wearing hooded jackets and a particularly nice microphone vector.

117 Jumping People Vectors

Might as well jump? Adding a jumping or flying person silhouette to your design adds an element of action, which is always good.

86 Dog Silhouette Vectors

There are many dog silhouette collections out there, but this one stands out because of the sheer number of dog breeds it features. From a Poodle to a Lab, a Bulldog to a Terrier, the silhouettes are drawn well enough that they’re unmistakable.

Glamour Girls Silhouette Vectors

You might be tempted to pass this one up, thinking it’s just another “sexy girl”-type collection, but look again. The silhouettes here depict “modern” girls engaged in various activities, from walking a (little) dog to meeting a girlfriend for coffee (complete with cafe table!)

Regular People Silhouette Vectors

I like this one because it features “regular”-looking people, wearing casual everyday clothing.

Couples Silhouette Vectors

Because two silhouettes are better than one, this one features couples- and not just the romantic type, either. There are a mother and child, office workers, girlfriends and so forth.

SilhouetteA Font

Dingbats of silhouettes with a religious/spiritual theme, including people kneeling in prayer, a nativity scene, and an angel with wings. Good for religious holidays.

Silhous Two Font

Finally, these are silhouettes I adore, mostly because they have a vintage feel to them, but also because they’re drawn in such detail.

Do you use silhouettes in your design work?

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