6 Crucial Color Tips From a Web Designer

Color Tips From a Web Designer in Tampa

6 Crucial Color Tips From a Web Designer

What do you see when you look at the sky? Even though you might see cool shapes in the clouds, you’re missing something very important. A web designer in Tampa will see something completely different as they stare at the blue sky while lying on the beach. They won’t just see a shade of blue, but instead they’ll realize the true impact color has on our lives. Great designers will be able to incorporate this into the websites they design, and right now we’re going to look at a few reasons why colors must be taken into consideration.

Learn To Be Inspired 24/7

We’ve just talked about the sky and how real life colors can inspire you, so it’s vital this becomes a habit you stick to all the time. If you see a color you think is beautiful, take a photo on your phone and use Photoshop to sample it when you’re sitting at your computer later in the day. Try to add the color somewhere on your website, because if it inspired you it’s likely to inspire a lot of other people too. As an added bonus, you’ll always have lots of photos to use on your site.

Building A Recognized Brand

Unless you want people to associate your brand with a rainbow, you don’t want to have too many different colors on your site. An extra color here or there isn’t going to hurt your brand, but ideally you want 2 or 3 colors to stand out more than any others on your website. These will become the colors people associate with your brand, and they’ll think of your website when they see them anywhere. As you can imagine, because they’re so important it will take a while to come up with the right dominant, secondary, and accent color.

One Solid Action Color

Have you ever tried to click something on a website only to find out there was no link? We’ve seen heat maps of so many websites it’s obvious this is a huge problem. One solution is to have a special action color, which is a fancy way of saying every link on your website should be the same color and it shouldn’t be used anywhere else. Eventually you’ll begin to realize you’re training your visitors to click on your links whenever they see the action color, which is a quick and easy trick to boost sales.

You Should Split-Test Everything

A web designer in Tampa really could spend hours throwing together the most complicated site in the world while chilling by the sea. The reason we choose to use WordPress is due to the fact in will benefit you more than you’ll ever know. For example, it will take you 5 minutes to learn how to change the color of a call-to-action button. This means if you’re making X sales per day you can change the color of the button to see if sales go up. Split-testing is a little more complicated, but once again it’s easy to do on WordPress with the right software.

Borrow Ideas From Other Websites

Good artists copy, great artists steal. Those words were spoken by Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest painter’s the world has ever seen. He was essentially saying there is nothing wrong with using what already works. Don’t assume you must be completely unique. Avoid copying the colors of your main competitors, but don’t be afraid to steal ideas from other big websites.

We’ve Only Just Scratched The Surface

I was speaking to another web designer in Tampa about the impact colors can have on websites, and the list we came up with in 5 minutes was much longer. Luckily we’ve covered all the best points today, and trying to stuff any more information into your head at once could backfire. Can you imagine how many things go into the design of a website considering we’ve only scratched the surface of color? If you implement any of these tips you will see positive results straight away.



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