6 Secrets of Website Design Which Lead to More Sales

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6 Secrets of Website Design Which Lead to More Sales

One of the things our website design company hears all the time is how stylish and perfect a client wants their website to be. It’s a perfectly reasonable request, right? Even though we make sure to give them what they want, it’s important to realize website design is about a lot more than what you would traditionally expect. There are secret treasures you can incorporate into the design and it will be so much more successful, so let’s go through a quick list of them now.

1) Stop Using Fancy Words

The design of your website is obviously meant to impress visitors, but try too hard to be clever and it will go right over their heads. We see this a lot when people are building their navigation bar, which is a hugely important design element. Instead of having a ‘Start Here’ link, someone might decide to throw in a ‘And Let’s Begin’ one instead. Surprisingly, they can be a lot worse and it’s only going to keep people from clicking on the link, so keep it simple and people will know what they’re clicking on.

2) Choose Your Most Profitable Pages

We all want to help our visitors as much as possible, but let’s not pretend money isn’t more important than anything else. You’ll actually be losing money running your website if you don’t sell anything, so when designing your website it’s crucial to pick out the pages you’re going to make the most money from. Then your goal should be to subtly send your visitors towards those pages as easily as possible, without it seeming obvious what you’re trying to do.

3) Multimedia Will Always Reign Supreme

There is nothing wrong with filling your website with nothing except pure text, because I’m sure you’ll still make money doing so. The one exception might be an eCommerce site where photos will be needed, but it’s besides the point. In this day and age, the websites that will find more success will make use of many different kinds of media. For example, there is no excuse not to incorporate videos into the design of your site, because if anything else there is nothing better to build trust.

4) The Quality Of Your Photos Matter

Being a Tampa web design company, we’re used to seeing beautiful things that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard when we drive around. You only have to look at the cameras they’re putting into smartphones these days to realize people care about the quality of photos. We’re not saying you have to hire a professional photographer every time you want to post a photo on your site, but if you publish something terrible it will ruin the overall design and hurt your reputation.

5) Breaking Up Large Chunks Of Text

A few years ago web designers would tell you to improve the look of your website by breaking up large chunks of text in a few different ways. Quotes and bullet points are two such examples. At this moment in time you see people including pricing tables, comparison charts, colored boxes, and a number of other things WordPress makes it easy for you to do. Remember, another important thing about website design is to keep someone interested until they reach the call-to-action button.

6) Your Webpages Have To Load Quickly

One of the main goals is to make sure your pages load as quickly as possible. I know you’re wondering what on earth this has to do with the design of your website. We consider the site we build for each client a work of art, which doesn’t mean anything if visitors can only see a fraction of the design. It means all the hard work that goes into building a beautifully-designed site is pointless if page load speeds are too slow.


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