About Us

Interactive Online is a privately held corporation dedicated to helping individuals and businesses create a powerful online presence easily and economically. Founded in 1997, Interactive Online has grown considerably by providing a comprehensive array of web services backed by superior service and the latest technology.

Interactive Online is able to successfully meet our customer’s evolving needs. Our value-packed plans keep your costs low and profits high. Additionally, by carefully managing our growth and remaining privately owned, we have avoided the financial hardships that so many publicly traded web services firms have experienced.

Interactive Online utilizes state-of-the-art data center facilities. Our customers receive all the benefits of more expensive hosting services at an extremely competitive price. The greatest factor in our success is the quality of our network and our superior customer support.

Network & Data Center: Interactive Online utilizes the resources from multiple datacenters from around the globe so we can offer more reliable & cost effect solutions to our customers. Interactive Online utilizes all the services and protection offered within the facilities. FM-200 Fire Suppression, Multiple UPS Systems, Backup Diesel Generators, 24-7-365 Network Operations staff, ensures the safety and reliability of your services and equipment.

Connectivity: Interactive Online offers redundant connectivity to the internet via multiple connections to over 75 diverse providers. Making sure your data can be reached, viewed, updated, and accessible with incredible connectivity and network strength.

Monitoring & Security: All data centers are monitored 24/7 by highly qualified network administrators. The HTTP port is monitored while ping tests are conducted every 1 minute to verify that the servers are active. Interactive Online incorporates the latest technologies in IDS (Intrusion Detection System) to monitor and protect our networks against malicious attacks. In addition, our hosting servers are protected behind internal firewalls and monitoring software. Interactive Online takes data security very seriously. All major entry points to the buildings and computer areas require an electronic ID card and security code. The buildings are monitored by cameras and supervised 24 hours per day.