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Acajoom News – Free Newsletter Component for Joomla

Acajoom NewsAcajoom News is an awesome newsletter for Joomla. Make the most of your CMS to send your own newsletters with Acajoom News. Designed with robustness and simplicity of use in mind, Acajoom makes it possible to handle countless newsletters to unlimited subscribers with a few clicks.

Email newsletters are an excellent way to capture email addresses and contact information to stay in touch with website visitors. Share the latest industry news and updates about products or services. Include interesting info so people want to read your email newsletters and forward them to others. Acajoom News has features to streamline the process of sending newsletters so you can do it in just minutes.

If you never sent an email newsletter before, it’s no problem with Acajoom. The first time wizard guides you through the entire process as you successfully send your first newsletter. You can even personalize the newsletter and greet the recipient by his or her first name. Newsletters send through Acajoom typically conform to most ISP restrictions for sending email.

Writing and designing your email newsletter is a breeze with Acajoom. The education center assists you every step of the way as you consider the design and content of your newsletter. Learn the ways to make your newsletter more attractive to readers so they want to read the next one.

Administration is simple with Acajoom. Get a front end of the newsletter especially for Administrators along with a mailing report to the list owner. Lists are maintainable with email list data imported from any source. Newsletters and subscribers can be imported from another newsletter system including phpList, Anjel, Letter, YaNC and more. Change your newsletter system over to Acajoom effortlessly to immediately improve operations.

Managing newsletters is easy for administrators and users. Administrators enjoy a copy function for newsletters and email lists that can be used to managed the newsletter template. Users manage the newsletters they subscribe to through a special front end user panel. Past newsletters are stored in a Public Archive so they continue to have value.

Acajoom handles both registered and unregistered newsletter subscribers. Registered subscribers experience an email validation process to ensure validity. If readers decide to opt out of receiving the newsletter, the process to terminate the subscription is automated.

Using Acajoom makes your newsletters more dynamic and interesting. You can include attachments to to offer additional value to your readers. The embedded images option makes your newsletters look more attractive and professional. Before your send out newsletters, a test email is sent. You get to preview the newsletter in an email or on the screen.

Another benefit offered by Acajoom is statistics management. Know how many newsletters were send and opened. Mailings are done in TEXT or HTML only. There is no limit on your mailing list size as seen in the near future so your newsletter can grow along with your business.

You don’t need special knowledge or skills to create a great newsletter with Acajoom News. Promote your online business with a stellar newsletter created with Acajoom News.

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