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Account Expiration Control – Membership Management

Are you a webpreneur offering paid memberships to visitors or do you want to? Offer paid memberships on your Mambo or Joomla powered website with Account Expiration Control  Membership Manager. This fantastic free software Joomla component integrates with major components such as JACL and Community Builder. Account Expiration Control  Membership Manager also supports a variety of popular payment processors for total operating convenience.

Never worry about whether your payment processor works with Account Expiration Control because it has over 40 different payment processors already built in. Processors include Paypal, Pro!,, AIM, ARB, CIM!, Paycom, CCBill and Manual Transfer handling. Customer appreciate convenient payment options for their memberships with no hassles on your end.

You won’t lose track of your registrations and subscriptions thanks to extensive workflow handling. As your web business grows, your workflow increases. Stay on top of your customer activity with superior handling so your online business enjoys a reputation for efficiency.

Account Expiration Control Membership Manager also features over 30 MicroIntegrations such as htaccess, mysql, emails, docman, setting of remository, restricting the amount of listings in Mosets Tree and VirtueMart groups. Expand your capabilities with MicroIntegration API to attach PHP code to payment plans.

Give your customers more choices with multiple payment plan options. Never lose a customer because they can’t afford instant membership. Payment plan options include lifetime, paid, free, trials and even global free trials. From introductory free memberships to try out your service to lifetime memberships for dedicated customers, your website can handle it all.

Memberships are set up easily and quickly with a comprehensive front and backend and simple customization. There is also a feature to offer discount coupons as a final sales incentive for customers looking for a bargain. Personalized memberships offered at a discount make your offerings even more irresistible.

Offer your membership plans in a logical, organized fashion. Grouping of payment plans makes them a breeze to access. Extensive access control features mean plans enjoy greater visibility with a hierarchical setup of payment options. When customers clearly see their options, they feel more comfortable choosing one so you gain instant members.

Another benefit feature is comprehensive event handling. You are notified right away about processor and user problems so you can take immediate action. A quick response to problems give your online business greater reliability and credibility. You want to be in the know about this events so you don’t lose valuable customers due to inefficiency.

Account Expiration Control – Membership Manager can be used in either Joomla 1.0.x or Joomla 1.5.x with the legacy bot enabled. A ten page quick start manual helps you get everything set up right away or you can choose to get help from the support team including total installation according to your desired business specs.

Make more visitors become members when you offer a variety of well-organized payment options in a secure online environment. Add Account Expiration Control Membership Manager to your website and watch your number of membership increase!

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