AdminPraise: iPhone Enable Joomla

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AdminPraise: iPhone Enable Joomla

AdminPraise is an administrator template made for Joomla 1.5 that is much like a template and much like an extension. This attractive alternate display is optimized for iPhone Joomla Administration so it’s user-friendly on-the-go.

There are several major advantages to using AdminPraise. The set start page has a link to choose which page you see when you login for a personalized and streamlined experience. If you are logged out, AdminPraise remembers the page you were going to visit to you can resume right where you left off. An updated control panel has new icons and features accordion div to be completely navigable.

Often the Joomla 1.5 Administrator template system is overlooked and the default is assumed to be the only option. With AdminPraise, there is a template theme to suit everyone. From office themes to artistic templates, have the environment of your choice with no specialized skills or expertise required.

One of the new features of AdminPraise is Custom Quick Icons. The automatic integration of this feature allows custom links and icons in the Admin cPanel. The Component Quicklaunch quickly views all installed logos and components at a glance. Themes are made for every major type of user including Joomla, Microsoft, Google and Apple. Any administrator page can be your startup page for total ease of operation. Give your Joomla Administrator Site a custom title of its own.

Along with your customizable Control Panel is a Mini Control Panel. This shows all subpages with mini icons so you see everything at a glance. Icon groupings are relevant in both the Control Panel and Mini Control Panel so you can find exactly what you want when you want it. Click on article management, site administration and extension management in just seconds.

The new accordion menu is much easier to use than a cumbersome drop-down menu from yesterday. The updated Left Administrator Accordion Navigation allows multiple open accordions. There are also collapsible left and right columns for iPhones and smaller monitors such as the portable mini laptops. To save load time, you can completely turn off columns rather than collapsing them. History bread crumbs simplify backtracking because you can quickly return to a previous page by clicking a bread crumb.

AdminPraise is very navigable with Quicklinks to System Info, Administrative Template and File Manager. There are also template queries regarding which File Manager links to use such as ninjaXplorer, joomlaXplorer and the like.

A logo link makes makes editing your account a breeze. The new components list page helps you find exactly what you need in AdminPraise. You can also quickly replace your administrative logo by uploading a file. Quick tips guide new Joomla administrators through the process.

With so many features, AdminPraise is much more than a cool template as it greatly improves ease of use for the administrator. Installing an administrator template is like installing any other Joomla extension. You just find the administrator template you want then upload it and install it then set it as your default. AdminPraise make it a cinch to be an administrator even if your aren’t completely computer savvy.