AlphaRegistration 2.0.5

AlphaRegistration 2.0.5

AlphaRegistration improve your Joomla! register form and secure it with reCaptcha system. With AlphaRegistration, you can displaying an image for each step of registering user and show/hide a check box to accept terms of use of your website.
You can show/hide a field to enter a referral user code and/or a coupon code available with AlphaUserPoints component.

Please upgrade minimum to 2.0.1: security release and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately if using reCaptcha parameter on.

Just install the component, then check settings and that’s all.
No need install a new module for login. AlphaRegistration works with the native login module of Joomla!

Uninstall previous version and install the new release. Then, go to configuration component and apply settings.

Features :

* Header Step by Step
* Accept Terms of Use
* Show/Hide field to referral user code (AlphaUserPoints)
* Show/Hide field for coupon code (AlphaUserPoints)
* Show/Hide field for birthdate (AlphaUserPoints)
* Password strength
* Images step in the language used
* show/hide login on last step
* reCaptcha
* jQuery validation
* Check username already exist before post
* Check email already exist before post
* Check referral user code exist before post
* Check coupon code exist before post
* Filter email domain name (spam)
* Choose an Itemid
* Add positions modules
* Name Username and password should have at least 4 characters
* Auto purge never connected users (spam)
* MVC Architecture


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