Anahitapolis – Open Source Social Networking

Anahitapolis – Open Source Social Networking

Anahitapolis offers a light, scalable open source solution to build social networks, intranets and other social web experiences. Anahita is developed as extensions for the Joomla 1.5 CMS using Nooka Framework. This flexible solution is ideal for different types of business and work flow situations as well as for socialization and collaboration.

The Anahita Social Engine provides social features right out of the box with a fully customizable look and feel. Anahitapolis follows Google Open Social Standards and works with Amazon Cloud storage. It also provides rich API for developing the social applications you want. Unlike stiff projects such as MySpace and Facebook that copy websites, Anahita is extremely flexible to conform to your needs.

Peerglobe Technology and rmd Studio are the software designers and architects responsible for developing Anahita. These two partners companies in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC, Canada specialize in developing social web and iPhone software solutions.

Get social and start collaborating with Anahitopolis and all its unique features. Create rich, elegant user profiles with Ajax user interfaces and Gadgets and other services including personal info, public messaging, activity updates and more. Users and developers can configure the profile arrangement of Gadgets.

Flexible social graphing means Anahitapolis uses a lead-follow-mutual social graphing model much like Twitter, Flickr or Digg. People can subscribe to each other’s activities, follow each other and be followed. Intelligent network updates makes it easy to keep up with your network. Anahita Social Engine will aggregate, group and post user activity stories which can be localized. The simple to use API makes it a breeze to use for custom social applications.

Privacy is key on any social network such as Anahitapolis. The organic privacy manager allows users to set privacy for their content and profiles based on the social graph including public, registered, followers, leaders, mutual and myself only. Users groups are configured into privacy groups by family, crush, co-workers and other personal designations. Only the people you want to see your content will be able to view it.

User interfaces are translatable to appeal to a larger audience. Installable language packages apply to interfaces, actions and prompt messages. Because the system is UTF-compliant, members enter content in any character and language they choose.

Public messaging is much less confusing that the wall on Facebook. Notification and requests are messages displayed to the user or emails when people leave messages, follow each other and more. A social discussions board application integrates into Anahita Social Engine Activity Updates and profiles to bring folks together to talk and grow an interactive online community. Photos add to the value of your social website with Anahitapolis.

Users can conveniently sign in with OpenID and Facebook applications are on the way. If you’re a developer, you’ll appreciate the rich social engine API, well-written MVC code using Nooku framework and the data storage virtualization. Write a code that stores on the cloud like Amazon, local or any other kind of file system using a single interface.

Anahitapolis turns your Joomla website into a booming, interactive social community. Get the traffic and followers you need when you get more social.


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