Applications For Email Marketing Concepts

Applications For Email Marketing Concepts

When you own a website, marketing endeavors are inevitable. It’s not about being a salesperson, it’s about spreading the word about your website. If nobody knows about your website, you’re not making profits. Email marketing is a way to remain in touch with current clients and keep contact with prospective clients.

Newsletters and company updates are popular email marketing methods. By keeping your business offerings in front of people frequently, you will increase sales over time. Once you start getting familiar with email concepts, there are several basic terms you should now. Consider the following mini glossary to familiarize yourself with the latest email marketing terms:

Authentication – Email authentication refers to the bits of info that identify the sender of email to the Internet Service Providers (more commonly called ISPs). This makes businesses accountable for the email messages they are sending out. Updated technology makes email authentication easy.

Domain Keys (DK) – These are signatures added to your email messages to verify the domain name the mail came from. This gets your email marketing messages into your clients’ and prospective clients’ inboxes rather than having them filtered out into a spam folder. Also referred to as Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Spam – We all know what spam is. When you send unsolicited email marketing messages, you are sending out spam. People are supposed to give you direct permission or opt-in at your website to receive email messages from your domain. Sending spam marketing messages minimizes the credibility of your business and may even cause you to lose customers rather than gain them. Build email marketing lists from legitimate sources so you know you are reaching targets who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Tracking – Once your email marketing message goes out into cyberspace, tracking tells you who opened, clicked, forwarded and bounced. This information helps you to better understand your clients so you can develop future advertising campaigns accordingly. When subscriber click on your links or forward your emails, you know you’re giving them what they want.

Use software, consult with other webpreneurs and avoid spamming when you develop your email campaigns for the new year. With a few updates, you’ll watch your online sales soar!

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