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Article Post Robot – Article Submission Software

Article Post RobotArticle Post Robot is software developed by David Tang with the thought in mind that “Content is King” on the Internet. Article submission is an excellent way to bring traffic to websites because it is effective and affordable. Article Post Robot posts your articles to multiple article websites savings you the endless time and effort of manually entering each one yourself. As a result, you get more traffic faster because the articles are doing their work for your business right away.

Informative articles are a way to pre-sell your products and services. By giving people something for nothing and gaining credibility, you build their trust. When you become an expert, people will return to read more. The ultimate goal is to add enough value to their lvies to create a profitable customer. There are literally hundreds of free article submission sites an “ezines” on the Internet today. Article Post Robot helps you to harness the power of these hundreds of submission sites to drive traffic to your web business.

Articles must be well-written and informative rather than thinly disguised sales pitches. As long as the articles are written according to these simple guidelines, your articles are accepted for publication copyright free. The articles will be made available for reading and publication to anyone visiting those web pages. Article Post Robot submits these articles to multiple article submission sites with a single click.

Your articles will soon make their way across the Internet, featuring your “resource box”. This is a brief description of you with a valuable link back to your website. This draws targeted traffic to your business, otherwise known as “viral” marketing. Google uses these back lkinks to rank your web pages. The more back links you have, the higher the ranking of your web page. Article Rocket Post increase the number of back links you have by posting your articles in multiple places.

To make a major impact, your article should be posted to one or two hundred websites as opposed to just one or two. Each site has its own form to complete which takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Imagine how long it would take to post the article to 200 websites! Windows-based Article Rocket Post does all this work for you automatically, saving you significant time and labor.

Article Post Robot automatically posts article to up to 451 default sites for you, freeing up more of your time for additional article writing or leisure. All you need to do is fill out the article and author info, choose the article sites and lists you want to post to and click one button. You watch your article being posted to different sites, one by one. There is no need to hit the submit button on each article, site or category like other similar software. With Article Post Robot, you only need to click one button once and then let the software do the rest. For logins, users manage the account themselves and Article Post Robot only uses the login id and password.

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Article Post Robot has a development team that constantly updates the article submission site list to maximize the return on your effort and investment. Currently, Article Post Robot has over 451 article sites and 54 mail lists. The software also rotates title, summary, article body and author resource to avoid the duplicative content issue. The full time technical staff is ready to assist you so you can start driving targeted traffic to your online business today.

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