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3 Collaboration Skills You Need for Today and Tomorrow

The ability to collaborate and collaborate well is more important than ever. Here are three skills to boost your collaborative power PHOTO: Collaboration is more important than ever given the rate of digital transformation organizations are going through today.  While collaboration has always been a needed skill in the workplace, increasingly distributed workforces, knowledge silos and new developments in technology have put renewed pressure on learning...

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4 Questions to Ask Before You Send In the Chatbots

Chatbots save customers time and frustration, and they allow you to better use your human agents. However, make sure you anticipate all possible scenarios. PHOTO: Guinness World Records The customer experience model of today looks different than it did even five years ago, yet certain pillars of customer experience remain.  With the introduction of any new tool for customer engagement, you must strive to make experiences more...

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How Chatbots Improve Customer Experiences and Increase Efficiency

Rather than replacing customer service agents, chat bots will allow humans to focus on more important tasks. PHOTO: Gerd Altmann To minimize wait times at call centers, many companies have developed self-care websites designed to help customers save time by solving some problems themselves — no human contacted required.  Mobile apps have also made customer experiences more efficient for everything from banking to ordering takeout food....

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