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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Blog

Are you seeking fresh ideas for bringing your blog to life? Are you looking to squeeze every last bit of opportunity from your blog? Are you willing to consider any and every strategy, as long as it can help take your blog to the next level? While there are many strategies to consider and steps to take, here’s something to think about: email marketing. This is exactly what it sounds like. It...

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The 12 Best Blogs for Bloggers and Business Enthusiasts

    Learn About Blogging with these Experts… It’s common for us bloggers to know one another, or to at least be familiar with our respective websites. Due to their admirable work ethic, today I’d like to acknowledge these creative geniuses for the immense amount of benefits they consistently bring to the masses. The following are some of the best platforms in the business world to learn about blogging and everything that comes with...

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6 Credible Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

If you started blogging as a hobby, or you’re thinking about it, and wishing it could become a reasonable source of income – it probably could. A blog doesn’t have to just be your online journal. Here are a few ways to turn your blog into a reasonable source of extra income, or possibly even a full-time income. Sell Ads If you write good content, and your blog is popular, you’ll likely...

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6 Free WordPress Plugins to Retain Readers & Decrease Bounce Rate

If a majority of your readers are visiting your blog only to leave within a few seconds without ever venturing to additional pages, chances are your blog has a high bounce rate. That’s not pretty. It means that your content may not be attractive, does not effectively target the right readers or something could be technically wrong with your site that is preventing readers from seeing relevant content. Retaining readers...

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