Autostand Pro for J1.5

Autostand Pro for J1.5

Autostand Pro for J1.5Autostand is a car Managment extension, but it can manage any type of vehicle, just by editing the language file, and/or create new makes file.Some new functions where added, others are the same used in previous version, but all of them where made to improve Autostand

#ver 2.4

* Template selection for the car details
* Multibox Slideshow
* Lightbox Slideshow
* HOT OFFER. You can mark wich cars are “Best Deals”, or “Hot Offers”
* Show/hide details and extras
* New Module for Best Deals – Shows only the cars marked as “Hot”
* Show/hide more images
* Added 15 more Extra Images
* More information when the categories are displayed
* VIN id, so the admin knows to wich car the contact is to
* Contact form – Added email field. Option to show/hide and allow public send or register only
* Email send when new car is submited by frontend
* New module for Administration, with latest cars added, contacts and categories
* New module for scroller add
* Included the option to show price in the modules used

++Instructions Manual
++Update Manual
++Currency symbol
++10 images available
++Template Selection (Car details page)
++Search option with makes select list
++Updated the makes list (added a few more makes)
++Select wich items to show in Frontend
++Option to show price only to register users
++Delete images more easy to use
++New details car page
++Gallery Slideshow
++Images with title of the car, insted of the reference to Autostand
+Many code cleaning, and solved the template bug wich in some cases forces the template down. Tested in about 20 diferente templates…
++New icons
++Frontend upload. (Admin Managment)
++New Admin Panel with more details of the cars


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