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AutoTweet NG Pro

AutoTweet NG ProUPGRADE information: new upgrade procedure; please read the information on download page!

AutoTweet NG Pro is the commercial enhanced version of our well known AutoTweet NG component. The Pro version adds Facebook support and some other features.

AutoTweet NG Pro posts the title and url for new Joomla articles, forum posts etc. automatically as status messages to a twitter or/and Facebook account. AutoTweet NG comes with a component and plugins for some popular Joomla extensions. All available plugins are working with the free and the Pro version.

The Pro version is available on a subscription base.

At the moment the following extensions are supported: Joomla core content articles, Kunena forum, K2 article manager, Phoca Download, Eventlist, SimpleCalendar, Sobi2, Remository, VirtueMart, QuickFAQ

* All plugins are customizable: account, category/section to post for, link position, show section/category, post private articles, post modified articles, use title or text for message, additional text, hashtags, short url service provider (,…
* Automatic support for short URLs.
* Works also with sh404sef and JoomSEF (and – of course – Joomla! embedded SEF support).
* Automatic message resending: AutoTweet resends the status message automatically if there is an error on api site.
* AutoTweet posts also later published or republished articles.
* AutoTweet comes with a backend component. The component logs all posted messages (including error and pending messages) and you can manage and resend messages in the components backend.
* AutoTweet supports articles with present publish date. (This articles are posted automatically to twitter/Facebook when published by Joomla or you can post them manually from AutoTweet component backend.)

Extra features in Pro version:
* Support for Facebook (works with personal profile AND Facebook pages etc.)
* Manually mode: All generated status messages are stored in the AutoTweet database and must be approved by the admin from backend.
* Support for SEF URLs when post (article etc.) is saved from the backend. Tested with Joomla! core SEF, sh404SEF and JoomSEF. (since version 1.1)
* Post to Facebook pages as the page itself with the page account (and not as the user with the personal account). (since version 1.1)

Requirements: PHP 5, PHP cURL support, Joomla 1.5.4+

Change log:
* Version 1.1RC: new upgrade procedure (it is no longer necessary to uninstall old versions); posts are now free of Facebook rate limiting; new feature: post to Facebook pages as the page itself with the page account; adding support for SEF URLs when post (article etc.) is saved from the backend. (for more information see change log on download page)
* Version 1.0: stable release; fixing some minor issues; integrating bugfixes form latest free version; fixing bug “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class FacebookRestClientException”; Reimplementation of Auto