AVG 8.5 Free – Free Anti-Virus Software

AVG 8.5 Free – Free Anti-Virus Software

With threats always eminent on the Internet, anti-virus protection is essential to keep your computer safe from attack. Now AVG 8.5 Free offers computer users reliable, free anti-virus software.  Over 80 million users currently trust AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition for Windows. The download is free so you don’t even have to worry about paying for the protection. This award-winning antivirus and antispyware gives you real-time safe Internet surfing and searching. After an easy downloading process, AVG 8.5 Free is ready to use.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition provides essential protection against spyware and viruses. The software is compatible with Windows, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The new LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield checks web pages for threats at the critical moment you’re going to click a link. Be warned before you expose your home computer to unwanted viruses and threats.

Get essential protection for free against unwanted viruses that can put your computer out of commission. AVG 8.5 Free also protects against trojans, spyware and adware. By simply visiting a website, you may inadvertently leave your computer vulnerable to spyware. Your actions might be tracked and your identity compromised. LinkScanner protects you in real time as you surf the Internet. As soon as you land in a danger zone, AVG 8.5 Free will let you know.

Another benefit of using AVG 8.5 Free is safer searching. Everyday you search online for important information such as weather, news and sports updates. Get the facts you need online without exposing yourself to unwanted spyware or viruses.

LinkScanner Search Shield gives you real-time safety ratings for all search results in major search engines including Google, MSN/live and Yahoo. No matter which search engine you prefer, you’ll know which websites to visit and which to avoid. Accessing LinkScanner tools for surfing and searching is easy. The AVG security toolbar puts everything at your fingertips right away with built-in search capability.

AVG has been guarding home and business users around the world against computer security threats since 1991. The AVG family of security software options supports all major systems and platforms. With serious growth in the last few years, AVG is the fourth largest vendor of anti-virus software in the world. The future includes broader language and platform support and improved technology with ongoing research and development.

Everyday Internet use puts you at risk and makes almost every aspect of what you do accessible electronically. AVG 8.5 Free works in the background to keep you safe. While you work and do what you need to to, you don’t have to think about your security. You want to be able to shop, surt the Internet, do your banking, store data, chat, create online profiles, download files and email in privacy.

AVG 8.5 Free offers the reassurance you need against online threats. Know your personal and professional information will not be compromised, misused or stolen when you have this effective anti-virus software on your computer. Why worry about security issues, identity theft and other online disruptions when you can enjoy the protection of AVG 8.5 Free for no cost?