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AWD Wall

AWD WallAWDwall is Simple Comment Wall (like Facebook) for joomla 1.5+ with cb community 1.2+.

Users will be able to post on the wall and users will be able to comment on the post.
By Default all the users and their friends are free to comment on anybody’s wall.

We recently upgraded AWDwall From 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
Fixes and new features:

– Private Message “PM”
– “Like” and “Who like this” Funtion
– Ajax Technologie
– Option to restrict users, only friends will be able to comment on each other.
– You can change the number of messages you want be displaye in wall pages.
– also with a CB plugin for latest comment of your wall
– Delete Post and Comments in your post
– View All Comments link
– View Old Post link
– Fix SEO Setting on or off
– Fix for templates with mootools
– New setting on or off in the component for automatics email when somebody post in the users wall
– Smooth transition when submiting post in the top box
– When submiting a comment the box close up after clicking in comment
– Able to post 3 diferent kind of link to the posting box.. example: