Barcode plugin for VirtueMart

Barcode plugin for VirtueMart

This is a component for VirtueMart wich allows you to enter a barcode by a product.

The barcode will be shown at the tab in the product overview in the back-end.

The contents of com_barcodes were zipped into

The zip file can simply be installed via de admin of joomla 1.5(install VirtueMart into it first).

This component adds a barcode tab in the product overview.
This tab is visible after saving a new product, or when viewing an existing product

In combination with KassaNova you can enter a barcode by the virtuemart product. This barcode can be scanned with a barcode scanner, and the product will be shown on your KassaNova point of sale(pos).

MySQL version 5.x is required.