Birthdays Module for Community Builder

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Birthdays Module for Community Builder

Birthdays Module for Community BuilderThis module for Community Builder 1.2 shows a list of upcoming birthdays from your members. On the birthday the module shows an present icon instead of the days.

With tho following parameters you can customize the component:

– field birthday … defines the birthday fieldname from Community Builder
– count … number of list entries
– display name … choose the user- or the real name
– show CB link … displays if selected th link to the CB Profile
– show calendar … enable the calendar icon
– show age … shows the new age from the user
– show remaining days … shows the days until the birthday
– singular and plural day … customize the string for day and days
– module class suffix … to customize the styling of the module

Changes in v 0.15 (2009-08-06):
– Option to show the link to CB Profile Page of the user
– BugFix: display the correct age for members having birthday next year