Netlify 1.0 Launched, More Open Source News

PHOTO: James Sutton On Dec. 7, 2017, Netlify announced its open source Netlify CMS project had hit version 1.0, boasting a fully-redesigned UI, a new media library and identity management. Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify, told CMSWire Netlify 1.0, “provides an open source alternative to the rising number of proprietary headless CMS offerings that enable how developers actually work today — in Git and increasingly decoupling the front...

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WordPress 4.1 Released, DNN Open Sources Automation Framework, More News

A final look at what's happening in the open source software world for 2017 PHOTO: Rob Bye WordPress 4.1 has arrived, and it’s a substantial update. Named after jazz musician Billy Tipton, WordPress 4.1 “Tipton” has received enhancements for site building, workflow management, coding and widgets. WordPress users can now draft and schedule website re-designs via Customizer, as well as collaborate with others using shareable preview links. Plus,...

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New book: Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium

In today’s global society, online collaboration has gained tremendous importance as businesses look for ways to share ideas and collaborate easily. Open Atrium is a powerful and flexible Drupal installation that provides intranet solutions to businesses and organizations for sharing ideas. It is used to create intranets where co-workers or teams can collaborate easily. But Open Atrium is filled with so many powerful features that you may need some help to use it to its full potential.

Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium unlocks the power of Open Atrium and guides you through real-world examples of an Open Atrium intranet. Examples and screenshots are used throughout the book so that you can follow along on your Open Atrium installation. The examples walk through setting up your site, user administration, implementing core features, and maintaining your intranet site.

This book starts off with explaining how to set up a web server on a Windows or Mac computer and install Drupal with the Open Atrium distribution. After installing Open Atrium you will learn how to add and maintain users. The book also covers some exciting topics such as the different “spaces” or “workgroup” micro-sites that can be created to match your organization’s structure. Reading each of these sections, you will understand and become familiar with managing the Open Atrium interface. Once you comprehend the Open Atrium interface, you will learn how to create a blog, document library, and issue tracker for each group’s dashboard or site page. The book covers everything from editing a single piece of content to arranging the layout of that content on each page.

By the end of this book, you should be able to establish your own intranet site for your organization or workgroup using the Open Atrium Drupal distribution.

A how-to guide with examples and screenshots to guide you through every step of creating an intranet with Open Atrium

What you will learn from this book :

  • Add all the major features of an intranet to your site with Open Atrium
  • Get to grips with Open Atrium’s interface and its features
  • Install Open Atrium and customize it for your organization or company
  • Create sub-sites (spaces) for each of your teams, departments, or workgroups
  • Manage users and create a member directory
  • Add core features packaged with Open Atrium such as Blog, Calendar, and Issue Tracker
  • Extend the functionality of Open Atrium by adding pluggable features developed by the Drupal Open Source community
  • Maintain your intranet by performing routine maintenance tasks
  • Analyze your site’s logs and reports to ensure that it is running in tip-top condition


Packed with screenshots and clear instructions, this book allows you to follow along with your own site and ensures you won’t get lost. It’s a how-to guide that guides you simply through each step.

Who this book is written for

This book is intended for beginning to intermediate computer users who either have not worked with Drupal before or want to expand their Drupal knowledge by installing Open Atrium. If you want to learn how to quickly set up an intranet to improve your organization’s communication and workflow, then this book is for you.

About the Author

Tracy currently works as a Web Developer for Phase2 Technology, based in Alexandria, VA. He is the founder of Alpha Geek Tech, LLC, a technology consulting firm. His web experience began in the dot-com era when he worked for Flipside.com. He is actively involved in the developer community and while working as the Technology Director for Quiddities Dev, Inc he spent his free time as the lead programmer and architect for 12seconds.tv.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 5, Dashboard

New Drupal Book – Drupal 6 Attachment Views

Drupal 6 Attachment Views, by me, J. Ayen Green, is my second title from Packt Publishing. It is aimed at Drupal web site developers who want to build more functionality and interaction into their views, but aren’t ready quite yet to take on panels. As a reader of drupal.org, you can receive a 15% discount (see below) and benefit the Drupal Association!

I wrote this to be a fun, informative, hands-on learning guide. It uses actual case study that was developed in parallel with the book’s writing. This guide presents purposeful and interactive examples that build on each other. Clear, concise instructions and practical examples help you to learn quickly to use this exciting feature of views.

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Case Study: Augusta Chronicle

The Augusta Chronicle, the flagship newspaper of Morris Publishing Group, recently relaunched its website on the outstanding Drupal framework.

Morris first began using Drupal in 2005 with the launch of BlufftonToday.com, a blog-centric community website coupled with a free daily newspaper. In 2006 it adopted Drupal for both news and blogs at SavannahNow.com, the website of the Savannah Morning News. Both newspapers won Digital Edge awards for innovation in user participation.

Since then, the digital media arm of Morris Communications, Morris DigitalWorks, has developed a robust digital newspaper platform built on Drupal 6, to eventually power all 13 of its daily newspapers. Morris also uses Drupal for its radio stations and Skirt.com, a national specialty site for women.

Reader Participation

Morris has made a commitment to make their online platform a dynamic arena for reader participation and contributions. Readers are encouraged to comment on stories and blogs, and, on some papers, are encouraged to create their own blogs on the site. Journalists are expected to post news online immediately and to interact with the public, and they need to be able to do it without learning HTML or tools such as FTP. These requirements made Drupal a natural choice.

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GoTwitr – Twitter Automation Site Built with Drupal

Whether it's for pleasure or business, or both, Twitter automation is a must for anyone who wants to use Twitter effectively. GoTwitr is a new site whose primary goal is to make it easy for people to grow and manage their Twitter communities. It’s also a tool to help new Twitter users get started quickly and easily. GoTwitr’s unique invitation model makes it extremely easy for any Twitter...

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Trócaire: Working for a Just World

Trócaire is a leading Irish overseas development agency that works with amazing people to bring about positive and lasting changes in some of the world’s poorest places. Last year, Trócaire spent over €60 million on 124 programmes across 38 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Their programmes are carried out with partner organisations so local people drive the whole process and, in turn, their...

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Drupal 7 code freeze

After some 82 weeks of development beginning in February 2008, no one should be caught by surprise that we are in a code freeze for a release of Drupal 7, the next and best release of Drupal yet. However, as we all know, some of the best patches always happen at the last minute, and there are always last-minute patches that must happen. As part of my State...

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JVIS – A global website for an auto-parts maker

JVIS USA LLC is an international supplier for automotive components and tooling with facilities in 6 countries and customers all over the world. Their website helps them introduce their products to auto makers. Going multilingual When JVIS commissioned their website, they requested just a few static pages. It was built as a simple static HTML site (no CMS) and in English. Very soon after launching their new site JVIS decided to localize...

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