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joomlaThis is actually a pre-defined response I send to customers that have a Joomla site that got hacked. Hopefully this info can help everyone keep their Joomla sites secure and up-to-date.

If you are not sure if a Joomla extension is an old version or not, login to your Joomla Admin Area and go to EXTENSIONS > INSTALL > COMPONENTS. There you will see the current versions of the extensions installed. You can ignore the extensions that have the author “Joomla! Project”. Do a search in Google for the extension name and add the words “Joomla extension” to the search term. I try to find the extensions on the Joomla extension site at There you will find the newest version listed for each extension. All old extensions installed to your site need to be removed or patched. Using old versions leaves your site open to hackers and abuse. I cannot stress how important it is to keep Joomla (and all third party extensions) up-to-date. 95% of the Joomla sites I see that get hacked are due to them using old 3rd party extensions.

Universal AJAX Live SearchWould you be happy, if the visitors could find your contents, articles, and products more easily?

Then this modul is what you are searching for! This extension uses AJAX technolgy, which makes searching on your site faster and easier. AJAX can trade data with a web server, without reloading the page.
What kind of search results does it show? Why it is universal?

This module can show the search results from the most of search plugins which can be installed to Joomla.

K2 Content Management System
Joomla! Sections
Joomla! Categories
Joomla! Contents
Joomla! Contacts
Joomla! Newsfeeds
and much more..

That’s why it is universal!

How does it work?

The module use an intelligent search engine: Just start typing any word which you are looking for on the site, and you will see the results in a pop-up list.

For example: You have a site where you are selling electronic product, using Virtuemart webshop. Your visitor wants to find Logitech products and informations. She/He starts typing Logitech to the Universal AJAX Live Search and can see the results well organized and categorised regarding to the keyword.

Well-customizable theme management system
The backend was developed for Joomla beginners to professionals
Full keyboard support
You can navigate in the menu without the mouse. (UP, DOWN, ENTER, ESC)
Sliding pagination
You can set on the admin interface, how much results do you want to show per categories.

For more information please check our demo site, where you can test the module live.

JoomlaWatchJoomlaWatch allows you to watch your website visitors and bots in real-time from the administration menu. Specially their IP addresses, countries they come from, geographical location on a map, which pages they are viewing, their browser and operating system, it creates daily and all-time stats from these information plus unique, pageload and total hits statistics. Furthermore, you can block harmful IP addresses, see blocked attempts stats, evaluate the trend charts, and create goals based on many parameters. In the frontend, it can show the top countries, user and visit information for certain periods of time.

– translations: brazilian portuguese, dutch, french, german, greek, russian, slovak, slovenian, spanish, swedish, czech, danish, lithuanian, polish italian, turkish, latvian, ukrainian, bulgarian

26.05.2010 – News in JoomlaWatch 1.2.11:

– Complete refactoring of code
– Email reports with values, percentage 1-day, 7-day, 30-day changes with settings
– History of visits (you can view and analyze user behavior from previous days)
– New geolocation database
– Keyphrases monitoring
– Add as goal directly from visits
– Database status – you can see how much data JoomlaWatch occupies
– Extracted Keywords right next to Came from URL
– Keep data setting on uninstall (useful when doing an upgrade)
– Timezone setting taken directly from Joomla global server settings
– Information about blocked spam attempts per day/total
– AJAX updates traffic information
– layout changes for email reports, antispam
– i18n, now you can use all languages (new messages are not translated yet, but are mixed with the original ones – you can help)
– Hide repetitive titles, show only last URI for each visitor
– better bug report/feature request handling (using JoomlaBug)
– many other bugfixes and small features

watch the demo!

22.06.2010 – News in version 1.2.12:
– graphs from all items on one page (goals, referers, keyphrases, pages, etc.)
– updated greek translation
– other small fixes

– free version
– 9 / 15 EUR optional license to remove backlink and hide logo

21.04.2011 – After initial problems with Joomla 1.6 compatibility, this extension is now confirmed to be working with Joomla 1.6 by users and most of the issues have been fixed

30.04.2011 – Version 1.2.16
– fixed various bugs with history, date, joomla 1.6

Komoona AdsKomoona is a free tool that enables selling your ad space directly to advertisers/readers, by allowing anyone visiting your site to easily create or upload ads and pay for them while never leaving your page.

Simply install the extension, set some basic settings (price, size etc) and you’re done.

No technical or design skills needed.

RokEcwid: Ecwid Shopping CartThis extension makes integration between Ecwid and Joomla very easy and simple. Just install it, adjust its settings in your Joomla’s backend and your Ecwid store is ready.

Instruction on how to setup your free Ecwid store:
If you have any questions about the Ecwid installation, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Ecwid is a free full-featured shopping cart and an e-commerce solution that can be easily added to any Joomla site or Facebook profile. It ensures performance and flexibility you need, with none of the hassles you don’t.
“Ecwid” stands for “ecommerce widgets”.

There are eight key advantages to Ecwid:
– It’s free.
– It has AJAX everywhere and supports drag-and-drop
– It can be easily integrated to any existing site or Facebook profile in minutes.
– It can be mirrored on many sites at the same time. Add your store to many sites, manage it from one place.
– Integration with social networks. Run your own store on Facebook, mySpace and many others.
– Simple to use and maintain. For both store owner and customer.
– Lightning fast. New-gen technologies make Ecwid much faster than usual shopping carts regardless the hosting service you use.
– Seamless upgrades. You just wake up one day and enjoy new features.

More features:

Joomfish Router Plugin ModifiedJoom!Fish is the solution for your multilingual website if control over the translations matters for you. Joom!Fish comes with a basic router system plugin to do the language detection based on plugin settings.

We have modified the JF Router, based on Joom!Fish Router Plugin v2.01, to include language detection based on user IP address. Joomla 1.5x ONLY. IP to Country database is as of Apr 2011.

Here is how it works:

1. Install our modified plugin, by unzip the program file and overwrite the original Joom!Fish plugin under $joomla/plugins/system

2. Enable the plugin and set the”Language selection for new visitors” parameter to “Use IP/Countr”

3. When a brand new user comes to the web site, we will try figure out the user lanaguage setting based on the visitor’s IP address and IP to Country database. (The country to language mapping is under $joomla/plugins/system/jfrouter/ip_files/countries.php)

4. If the language based on his country is an active language in Joom!Fish, we will set the Joom!Fish language cookie to that lanaguage. In all other cases, the modified plugin will behave as if the “Language selection for new visitors” parameter is set to “Browser Settings”

5. The modified plugin behaves the same way as the Joom!Fish version if the user is not a new visitor to the site.

Sami Login JQuery EditionSami Login sliding from right Login module. this is not normal login it realy cool login based on JQuery and normal Normal Joomla login It’s very easy to use, and no parameters to be set. Available to Joomla 1.6 Compatible with gantry framework and T3 any other framework uses JQuery

NOTE: free support for any one
NOTE: this is not update for sami login module this is a separate module and both can work to gather(not recommended)

SC jQueryThis plugin is used to load jQuery javascript library, and set “no conflict” mode to allow usage with mootools, and other libraries. No conflict mode removes the “$” operator from jQuery, allowing other libraries to use that operator.

More usage details for jQuery no conflict mode are available at

This plugin does the following

– installs minified jQuery library file from google CDN, version 1.4.2
– supports future versions, and wildcard version numbers, see google ajax libs api
– executes the noConflict() method after jQuery has loaded
– provides instructions on how to use jQuery safely with mootools
– jQuery UI integration + many UI templates (CDN as mentioned above)
– a place to add custom code into the plugin
– the use of a application variable to flag if jQuery has been loaded using JFactory::getApplication()->set(‘jquery_loaded’, true)

e-Sport component that allows you to create and manage your own league with tournaments and seasons for on-line games. Players, teams, photo galleries management and much more included...

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