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Web Design November Sale

SAVE 40% on any of the following… just use promo code NOVEMBER at checkout. WEBSITE DESIGN https://interactiveonline.com/website-design/ WORDPRESS HOSTING - includes FREE site migration & optimization https://interactiveonline.com/web-hosting/ The discount is a recurring discount for up to 1 year and available to new customers. The sale starts today and runs until the end of the month. ...

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Web Designer Tampa
For someone who’s looking for an effective website that sells, converts and offers a high ROI, the most important question you are often faced with is: How much does a web design cost? To those who know very little about website development, this might seem to be a very simple question to answer. However, in reality you will need to consider several factors that will ultimately affect the cost you will be paying for a web design service.

WordPress Website Security Checklist

WordPress is among the most renowned blogging and website platforms due to its ease of use. Nonetheless, you should know that it has its fair share of problems. Because of the surging popularity of WordPress, it is often targeted by hackers who use this platform to try and inject their malicious scripts and malware. The security of your WordPress website is an essential factor as it not only protects your website but also guards the reputation of your brand.

iThemes Security Plugin for WordPress

It goes without saying that you spend a lot of money and time on your website. That’s mainly because you want to be happy with every aspect of the site. One common area that most of the people invest heavily in is the security measures that protect everything they have worked so hard to establish. As far as a WordPress site is concerned, finding a suitable and dependable security plugin may sound easy, but it can definitely be a challenging task. After all, you have to leave your security as well as peace of mind in the hands of a software,...

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WordPress.com versus Self Hosted WordPress.org

While starting out as a newbie, one question is likely to spring up in your mind. Which is better; the free WordPress.com service or the self-hosted WordPress.org? In this post, we’ll discuss why the self-hosted version is much better. Self-Hosted WordPress Let’s have a look at why WordPress.org seems to be an all-around better option. You have the ability to upload any plugin You can modify theme files and upload custom themes You can generate money from your blog by using your very own ads Tracking and Custom Analytics You have ownership over the data, and are in complete control WordPress.com WordPress.com is free for up to 3 GB...

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WordPress is one of the best content management systems around. Its strength lies in the fact that it allows people with limited technical and programming knowledge to maintain professional websites. It uses a collection of powerful tools and user intuitive interfaces to make updating and editing websites an easy task. Once your website is setup on WordPress you will not need technical help to update it, you can easily create new pages full of dynamic media and allow your team to collaborate on the work as well.

Blog Platform

For bloggers who have just begun, deciding which blogging platform to choose is among the most confusing decisions they need to make. Generally, bloggers have these three choices to opt from, namely: Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress. When it comes to developing a highly professional blog, the most superb choice is undoubtedly the WordPress blogging platform. Unlike all others, there are several things that standout about a self-hosted WordPress blog. Some of these are discussed below: 1. Control over your blog This is a big reason as to why a self hosted blog on WordPress is a superior choice. For example, Google owns Blogger,...

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