Wix Offers Comprehensive Website Creation for Everyone

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, everyone knows the importance of website for businesses and individuals. These days it is not even a question whether or not you should have a website. The thing that people often ask now is how to create a website for free. Basically individuals and businesses have a fully understood the significance of having a website but they either don’t have the expertise or the...

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Best Books On Typography For Designers

Text is crucial in all forms of design from websites to posters and digital graphics. By studying typography you’ll learn how to craft brilliant logos and websites that all function as expected. There is no single best...

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How to Pair Typefaces & Ensure Readability [Infographic]

Every designer wants to master the art of pairing typefaces. Good typography enhances design and can lead to better readability – two must-haves for your website design projects. But how do you become a master of typography? Read Also:Typography Cheat Sheet [Infographic]Great Font Combinations You Need to Try It starts with a basic understanding of typography principles and theory. Lucky for you, Designmodo has created an infographic with everything you need to know...

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Exit Intent Modal Windows: Design Trends & Examples

It seems like exit intent modals are the norm with every major blog, SaaS product, and digital ecommerce shop. These exit intents are modal windows that appear on top of the page once your mouse cursor leaves the website. It’s used as a marketing technique to draw people back to the page, or to convert them into a sales funnel. But these modal windows can be just plain annoying when done improperly. That’s why...

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The Inspiration Behind Brutalism in Web Design

A stripped-down internet inspired by architecture of the 90s. Brutalism in web design, in its most basic form, incorporates stark colors, bold and unforgiving shapes and layouts, and typography that is often clumsy and oversized. By now, we have all experienced some form of the brutalism web design trend that has gained traction over the past year or so. Even Bloomberg has adopted the style in its own way. But where does this design...

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Block Reveal Effect, a New Design Trend for Entrances and Exits

For all those who adore the beauty of simplicity obtained by regular geometric shapes and modular layouts, there is an excellent solution. It is the block reveal effect and it is pretty trendy. It ideally refines interfaces as well as adds a subtle dose of interactivity. Being blocky, a bit rigid and in some way bold, it also owns characterstics of minimalism, elegance and neatness. It is a good and fresh...

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Web Design November Sale

40% Off November Sale

SAVE 40% on any of the following… just use promo code NOVEMBER at checkout. WEBSITE DESIGN WORDPRESS HOSTING - includes FREE site migration & optimization The discount is a recurring discount for up to 1 year and available to new customers. The sale starts today and runs until the end of the month. ...

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CrossFit14 Before and After 2

New CrossFit 14 WordPress Website Design

Thank you Sara & Amber for giving us the opportunity to redesign your new website for CrossFit 14. CrossFit 14 is a CrossFit box located in Wesley Chapel, FL. The new website is a more modern site, built using WordPress, which includes a responsive design, formatted specifically for devices such as mobile phones & tablets....

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Design Tips for the Social Media Marketer

Integrating your visual strategy and social media strategy is more important than ever for marketers. To give some essential design advice to social media marketers, Dustin W. Stout stopped by #bufferchat....

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