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One of the things our website design company hears all the time is how stylish and perfect a client wants their website to be. It's a perfectly reasonable request, right? Even though we make sure to give them what they want, it's important to realize website design is about a lot more than what you would traditionally expect. There are secret treasures you can incorporate into the design and it will be so much more successful, so let's go through a quick list of them now. 1) Stop Using Fancy Words The design of your website is obviously meant to impress visitors,...

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Responsive WordPress Website

An increasing number of people today are surfing the web from mobile devices. This has led to the creation of responsive websites. What is a responsive website? A responsive website adapts its layout and content to fit any screen resolution and size, be it mobile devices, smartphones, tablets or desktops. WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System), fortunately has a multitude of responsive themes to cater to the increasing use of mobile devices. Here are some reasons why your site should be using a responsive theme:


MIGRATION DATES: Wednesday 4/15/2015 to Sunday 4/19/2015 OLD SERVERS: & NEW SERVER: Due to poor service and support issues we experienced with our current data center provider back in March, we've decided to migrate 2 of our server to a different provider that we have used in the past and did not experience any major outages with. The server has been ordered and is currently being built. We’ll work on migrating customers' accounts to the new server sometime next week. There shouldn't be any downtime during the move. If there is, we will do everything we can to keep it to a...

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In this tutorial we will be using Adobe Photoshop to create a modern map with dropped pin icon. This tutorial assumes familiarity with Adobe Photoshop at an intermediate level, for example you should understand the basics of layer styles and how perform most basic functions, this covers lighting and vector drawing techniques, and will teach you the fundamentals of icon design in Photoshop, including using basic shapes, masks and effects to create an attractive, sleek result that is scalable for different sizes and devices.

Earth DayOn April 22 people around the globe celebrate Earth Day. This special day is designated to inspire a greater appreciate for the environment. Earth Day is now held yearly in the spring in the northern hemisphere and in the fall in the southern hemisphere.

The traditional Earth Day celebrated on April 22 was originated by Gaylord Nelson, a United State senator who made it a designated day to teach about the environment. However, the United Nations celebrates Earth Day on the March equinox. This Earth Day tradition began in 1969 thanks to John McConnell, a peace activist.

ExpressionEngine is a CMS that is beautifully built yet doesn’t seem to get the same recognition as other CMS platforms like Joomla or WordPress. Hell, we even featured 100 WordPress powered websites here on MyInkBlog recently. So, to make sure ExpressionEngine gets the proper shine that it deserves, here’s 50 awesome ExpressionEngine powered websites for […]

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