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Social Media Marketing Tampa

Nowadays, social media marketing is just as important as search engine optimization. People spend lots of time on social media sites. So, even while running the most thorough SEO marketing campaign for your business, ignoring social media marketing amounts to getting just half of the job done. Interactive Online offers the sort of social media marketing support that has helped put local Tampa businesses and other global businesses on the map. We understand that it takes more than just great website design and reliable webhosting to get an online business moving. Digital marketing is also critical, and social media marketing is...

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Social Media

The days when social media was “good to have” for organizations are long gone. This is the day and age where social media integration is a necessity for businesses; a bare necessity. And it's no secret – businesses large and small are continuously integrating their websites with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites. In all likelihood you are not far behind either. You may have already integrated your site with at least the 'Big Three' social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – as well as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. (You should by the way, if you...

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Facebook fan pages number among the few social media channels that allow page customization for users. Instead of a mediocre interface, business owners and professionals can now apply HTML code to enhance their Facebook fan page presence to promote and build business branding.
Rich content creates a memorable interface that gets people talking, lets a special […]
For marketers, social media offers an incredible opportunity to bypass traditional middlemen and connect directly with customers.  Here’s a free report on how marketers are employing social media marketing.

Watch the above video for a quick summary.
To understand how marketers are using social media, Social Media Examiner commissioned the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. […]

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