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Web Design November Sale

SAVE 40% on any of the following… just use promo code NOVEMBER at checkout. WEBSITE DESIGN https://interactiveonline.com/website-design/ WORDPRESS HOSTING - includes FREE site migration & optimization https://interactiveonline.com/web-hosting/ The discount is a recurring discount for up to 1 year and available to new customers. The sale starts today and runs until the end of the month. ...

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Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing provides resources for shared processing along with updated computers and other such on demand devices. Furthermore, it offers access to all shared resources for configurable computing, including storage networks, applications, services, and servers among others that can be released and provisioned without requiring considerable management effort. Users and enterprises have the ability to store and process data in their data centers.

What is Installatron

Installatron is the name of an auto-installer plugin for the cPanel and DirectAdmin, as well as Plesk Reloaded server control panels. Once it is installed on a Plesk/cPanel/DirectAdmin server, the users have the ability to manage, upgrade, and install a wide range of web scripts with simply a single click. Installatron can further be used for installing scripts from shell/CLI, enabling newly developed hosting accounts to become pre-populated with the software. One can also develop their own installers or customize the existing installers. So in essence, Installatron is a tool inside cPanel which enables you to install and manage hundreds of popular...

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WordPress.com versus Self Hosted WordPress.org

While starting out as a newbie, one question is likely to spring up in your mind. Which is better; the free WordPress.com service or the self-hosted WordPress.org? In this post, we’ll discuss why the self-hosted version is much better. Self-Hosted WordPress Let’s have a look at why WordPress.org seems to be an all-around better option. You have the ability to upload any plugin You can modify theme files and upload custom themes You can generate money from your blog by using your very own ads Tracking and Custom Analytics You have ownership over the data, and are in complete control WordPress.com WordPress.com is free for up to 3 GB...

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WordPress is one of the best content management systems around. Its strength lies in the fact that it allows people with limited technical and programming knowledge to maintain professional websites. It uses a collection of powerful tools and user intuitive interfaces to make updating and editing websites an easy task. Once your website is setup on WordPress you will not need technical help to update it, you can easily create new pages full of dynamic media and allow your team to collaborate on the work as well.

Online Business Web Hosting Tampa Florida

An increasing number of people today are turning towards doing an online business. This is mostly because a business operated via the Internet provides a considerable amount of advantages. Online business simply means you can carry out all processes straight from the comfort of your home. As such, you don’t need to step outside your house, dress up for work, and go to an office to make a living. Nonetheless, there are several essential things you need to learn to get your online business up and running. The first of which is the creation of your website and the requirement to...

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Best Professional Web Hosting Service Company

With a choice of so many web hosting services, including free ones, it can be confusing to decide what kind of hosting service you need for your website. Should you host it on your own server, should you use a free service, or do you need the help of a web hosting company?

Here are some reasons to choose professional web hosting instead of free or cheap hosting services.