iThemes Security Plugin for WordPress

It goes without saying that you spend a lot of money and time on your website. That’s mainly because you want to be happy with every aspect of the site. One common area that most of the people invest heavily in is the security measures that protect everything they have worked so hard to establish. As far as a WordPress site is concerned, finding a suitable and dependable security plugin may sound easy, but it can definitely be a challenging task. After all, you have to leave your security as well as peace of mind in the hands of a software,...

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What is Installatron

Installatron is the name of an auto-installer plugin for the cPanel and DirectAdmin, as well as Plesk Reloaded server control panels. Once it is installed on a Plesk/cPanel/DirectAdmin server, the users have the ability to manage, upgrade, and install a wide range of web scripts with simply a single click. Installatron can further be used for installing scripts from shell/CLI, enabling newly developed hosting accounts to become pre-populated with the software. One can also develop their own installers or customize the existing installers. So in essence, Installatron is a tool inside cPanel which enables you to install and manage hundreds of popular...

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While starting out as a newbie, one question is likely to spring up in your mind. Which is better; the free service or the self-hosted In this post, we’ll discuss why the self-hosted version is much better. Self-Hosted WordPress Let’s have a look at why seems to be an all-around better option. You have the ability to upload any plugin You can modify theme files and upload custom themes You can generate money from your blog by using your very own ads Tracking and Custom Analytics You have ownership over the data, and are in complete control is free for up to 3 GB...

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UX Tips

Great user experience starts early in the design process. It is in no way a last minute add-on — it’s something you need to consider right from the outset!

Creating experiences that users want, and that they will stay engaged with, is a delicate balance between giving users just what they want and a little something extra they didn’t even know they needed. Here are a few ways to think about UX that you might not have considered.