Bookmarking Demon – Automate Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking Demon – Automate Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking DemoBookmarking Demon makes it easier and quicker to promote your websites through social bookmarking, The Bookmarking Demon social bookmarking software is an automated way to reap the benefit of social bookmarking without having to spend endless hours doing it manually. Best of all, Bookmarking Demon is designed to be spam-free so your bookmarking doesn’t wind up deleted.

Social bookmarking websites are sites that categorize and store a variety of bookmark links. These links take visitors to a specific website. Every year, millions of people search for relevant information through social bookmarking websites. The concept of bookmarking is to post links back to your web page through social bookmarking website. To categorize your bookmark, you select keywords referred to as tags.

The tags or keywords you choose make it possible for people to search and find your bookmark. By sharing links, you generate targeted traffic to your website. People want or need what you have to offer because they already searched for it. Bookmarking Demon streamlines this process to take advantage of social bookmarking.

Bookmarking Demon gets your website on authoritative social bookmarking sites. Search engine spiders frequently crawl these site to drive traffic back to your site. Links are crawled almost immediately to get value from social bookmarking right away. More one-way incoming links gives your website a higher search engine ranking. You can also gain access to unlimited keyword links for the highest rankings.


When you use Bookmarking Demon, you will also have a higher page ranking as social bookmarking sites link to your site. This means you can promote new websites by linking to your current one and even profit by selling links.

Bookmarking Demon is not a demonic spammer hitting on hundreds of random URLs daily. This type of spam is typically deleted along with your account, which negates the purpose of social bookmarking in the first place. Called Blackhat tactics, spamming social bookmarking sites are short-term tactics because your bookmarks are deleted almost immediately. Whitehat tactics used by Bookmarking Demon make your sites last longer in social bookmarking sites and rank higher in the search engines.

Bookmarking Demon has two versions, one for beginners and one for experts. Beginners get a simple mode with only account creation and bookmarking management. Expert is an advanced mode with account creation, bookmarking and pinging feature along with all randomization features available.

Order Bookmarking DemonBookmarking Demon can automatically create accounts at 100 social bookmarking sites. This saves you endless time, energy and effort creating accounts. All the work is done for you by Bookmarking Demon. You can even register different names to reduce your footprint on the Internet and have multiple accounts.

Active and archived accounts make account management easier. You can add your own social bookmarking sites to broaden your reach. With randomization, social pinging and the ability camouflage RSS feeds, Bookmarking Demon does all the work so you don’t have to.

Gone are the days of spending endless hours on social bookmarking. Let Bookmarking Demon bring your website recognition on the search engines and improve its ranking for more targeted traffic and greater profits.