Building data driven websites with PHP & MySQL

Building data driven websites with PHP & MySQL

Every business site needs good fresh content, which gives the customers something to learn about or enjoy while visiting your online business website. Maintaining a content driven website can be very time consuming and very detailed in order to present the best impression of your web presence, products and service. Rewriting clusters of HTML files to present a fresh new look would take endless hours of hard work. The answer to these problems is a website design that is database driven websites built with PHP and MySQL.

To appreciate data driven websites built with PHP & MySQL, you first must be familiar with the way in which a normal web page works. Standard non-database driven web pages will not change anytime the web page is loaded on a web browser. Nor will the standard web page change by use of clicking a graphic button. Normal web pages just load and unload. Standard web pages always look the same and their web content stay unchanged. Unless of course if there is new content or web designs manually uploaded to create a new version of the average web page. Data driven websites built with PHP and MySQL perform oppositely, as they are able to change every time they upload with out you having to make changes by hand. Data driven websites built with the use of PHP and MySQL are also enabled to change the content based on the actions that a user might do while visiting your website, for instance clicking on text or an image, on the same page, without loading another web page.

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PHP is a general purpose, scripting language that is widely used in web site building. PHP is overall quite nicely balancing for web design development. Use of PHP also gives you the ability of embedding features into the HTML. MySQL is a free to use, open source database that is universally engaged with nearly all of the current server-side scripting languages including PHP. PHP & MySQL data driven websites are able to file and store information, and they are able to filter through their information and grab requested facts from their database, then insert that particular bit of info onto the web page every time it is loaded into a browser. When the information that is stored in a data driven website built with PHP & MySQL changes, the web pages linked to those databases automatically change as well.

Think for a moment of how an online banks website works. You are able to log in and check your bank balance. The account information is stored in the banks database that connects to a web page with data base programming, which lets you view your account information. Server side programming is another name for database driven website programming such as those built by PHP & MySQL. The reasoning is that the actions available to the web pages to connect to a database takes place on a server. Therefore every time a data driven web page as those built by PHP & MySQL are in process of being sent to be uploaded by the browser, automatically the server builds the requested web page and then sends a traditional HTML page to be uploaded by the browser. PHP & MySQL programmed data driven websites give the server instructions on how to build the web page request.