business process management

The X Factor for Business Success

Operational excellence can be a differentiating factor in the success or failure of a business. Why then do so many companies ignore it? PHOTO: Thomas Leth-Olsen What differentiates companies that build a track record of consistent, long-term growth, from the thousands that fail each year or are gobbled up by more successful competitors? Surprising findings reported in a recent Harvard Business Review article titled “Why Do We Undervalue...

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Why Some Businesses Thrive in Times of Constant Change

While no business can make itself future-proof, certain tactics will help your company succeed at a time of constant change PHOTO: Jason Wong Why is it that some businesses thrive in an atmosphere of rapid change while others fail?  As we gear up for 2018, change seems to be occurring at a more rapid pace with each passing year. In the business world, globalization and shifting workforce...

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