BuySellAds – Sell & Purchase Banner Ad Space

BuySellAds – Sell & Purchase Banner Ad Space

buy sell adsEveryone is looking to monetize their websites to make the most of their online space. BuySellAds is an ad marketplace for medium and small web owners and publishers to sell more ads. Advertisers find improved placements and can streamline the process of dealing with small publishers. This unique marketplace offers an easy way to make money from being a webpreneur.

The creator of BuySellAds developed the advertising marketplace based on experience as both a publisher and advertiser. Publishers often operate websites and sell ad space for a fixed rate. This isn’t the end because then publishers have to remember to put banners live and remove them on the proper schedule. Money collection can be a hassle. Publishers’ time is better spent creating new content rather than managing ads.

On the other hand, advertisers purchase ads on other sites to promote their own websites. It becomes time-consuming to contact multiple publishers and keep track of advertising to make sure your campaigns are working for you. Once again, advertisers earn more by developing content rather than searching around for ad space to buy.

BuySellAds also had help developing their one-of-a-kind advertising marketplace to ensure it fulfilled the needs of the majority of advertisers and publishers. According to the source, “jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.”

BuySellAds uses amCharts as their ultimate charting solutions. With many charting solutions available BuySellAds has tried others and find amCharts fits the design best and does what needs to be done. With outstanding customer service, ease of use and complete knowledge of their placements, BuySellAds is a top choice for many small and medium sized businesses.

As of February, 2009, BuySellAds had some interesting statistics to share. At that time, they were serving more than 300 million ad zone impressions monthly. This equals over 1 billion ad impressions every month. Many small and medium sized businesses are using BuySellAds to monetize their websites without spending more time and money than they need to.

Consider what people are saying about BuySellAds according to their latest testimonials. The President/CEO of, Christopher Bouzy, stated,  I must say I have been in the business for almost 10 years, and I have dealt with both large and small ad networks, but is the most pleasant to deal with by far. Quick responses, friendly staff, and revenue transparency sets your firm apart from the other ad networks.”

The attentive customer service offered by BuySellAds makes the big difference. Advertisers and publishers get immediate answers to inquiries so there’s no guesswork. Instead of wondering about your campaigns, BuySellAds works with you to make the most of this advertising network.

Advertisers have ads go live right away so there’s no waiting. Rates are fixed for 30 days on quality niche site with no redirects so tracking is a cinch. Publishers appreciate a 75 percent payout with all fees included. As a publisher, you can cash out anytime, get paid on time and set and forget with a fully automated system. BuySellAds offers the essentials you need to effectively monetize websites for your small or medium sized business.