How does it all work?

If your business sells internationally, then your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts need to operate around the world, and international SEO can be complicated. Multiple countries, multiple languages, and often, multiple languages within a given country. It’s easy to get tied up in knots. And even easier to confuse a search engine and create a number of typical SEO issues like duplicate content. Fortunately, good international SEO is achievable; it just needs...

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Back to the basics: Beyond ranking factors

There have been a lot of discussions recently regarding the importance of ranking factors and whether we as SEOs should focus on them. Since Search Engine Land has been crazy enough to give me a voice, I’d like to weigh in on the subject. In my opinion, 99 percent of the market shouldn’t worry about the idiosyncrasies of ranking factors… yet. I don’t say this because they’re not important; but instead, because...

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