Google Announces AMP Stories for Creatives

AMP, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project aimed at making mobile pages load fast, just got updated to include custom visuals. It was about time. AMP Stories changes everything! The newly launched AMP Stories format is an addition to the AMP Project and allows content publishers focused on mobile to deliver news engagingly and visually. A Visual-Driven Format for Mobile AMP Stories solves the biggest problem of the AMP Project: the lack of enticing visuals. Some...

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5 Ways to Design With Accelerated Mobile Pages

The mobile web keeps growing at a rapid pace. Smartphones continue to sell strongly, with Apple alone forecasting to bring in $180 billion from its smartphones by 2021. There are over 224 million smartphone users in the United States, making the mobile web an essential focus for any website owner. The continued growth of mobile web users makes it important for designers and front-end developers to grasp proper design for accelerated mobile...

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