anita brearton

The Dirty Secret of the SaaS World: Customer Churn

PHOTO: Nik MacMillan We recently met with an early investor of ours, who shared with us an overriding concern he has with his SaaS portfolio companies — churn. He said to us, “churn is the dirty little secret in the SaaS world. If you could figure out how to reduce churn for SaaS companies that would be really valuable.”   My initial reaction...

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2017 Contributors of the Year: Joanna Schloss

The aphorism "perfect is the enemy of good" can be found in Voltaire's writings, Shakespeare's plays and Joanna Schloss's analytics advice. As a subject matter expert in all things analytics, including business intelligence, big data, data warehousing and more, Schloss cuts through the buzzwords to make analytics approachable. Through her writing, her speaking engagements and more, Schloss has made good on the goal she set only two years ago: "To...

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2017 Contributors of the Year: Anita Brearton

Anyone who feels intimidated by the range and selection of marketing tools available on the market have a champion in Anita Brearton. Where others create an aura of FUD (fear, urgency and doubt) when it comes to martech selection, Brearton says, "It's OK, we're all in this together." Brearton is the founder, CEO and co-CMO of CabinetM, a discovery platform for the marketing industry. While software clearly plays a...

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