Why DAM Integrations and Connectivity Are in Demand

The convenience we've grown to expect in our consumer lives is pushing demands for the same convenience in our work lives PHOTO: Mike Wilson Fifteen years ago if you wanted to access a scholarly journal or read a new novel from your local library, you had to physically go there. Renting a movie meant either a trip to the library or a visit...

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Understanding the Differences Between Microservices, Monoliths, SOA and APIs

What's the difference between microservice architecture, monolith architecture, SOA and APIs? PHOTO: Shutterstock Brands as large as Google, Amazon, Uber and Netflix have transitioned away from monolithic software architecture in recent years. Microservice architecture is the latest (and some would say the greatest) framework being deployed by development teams both large and small —  but what other options are there? With so many buzzwords and...

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