How to Deliver Personalized B2B Experiences With AI

PHOTO: Jakob Owens The modern B2B buyer has been increasingly conditioned to personalized buying experiences due to advances in the consumer world driven by companies such as Amazon, Uber and Google. This trend comes at a time when, according to Forrester Research’s report "A Brand New Day for B2B Commerce" (fee charged), 60 percent of B2B buyers state they prefer not to...

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Emotion Is the Heart of Good Growth Marketing

B2B marketing often dismisses out of hand tactics that work for B2C companies. That's a mistake PHOTO: Eye for Ebony Sometimes, the most unexpected pairings wind up being classics. An easy one is the classic mashup of chocolate and peanut butter. (Although apparently some people are more fond of peanut butter and pickles.)  But these pairings don't always work. Opposites might attract, but some will coexist about...

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