How to use RobotNinja to Automate WooCommerce testing

WordPress has certainly come a long way since the early days of being a quick way to setup a blog. These days, one of the hottest industries is ecommerce. Whether you’re selling physical goods, digital stuff or services, you should already be taking orders online. If you’re not, you’re losing out on a lot of business. Being always online, with a shop always open for business, is the way to go. WooCommerce...

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8 WordPress Plugins and Tools for Designing Beautiful Tables

One of the nice things about creating content in WordPress is that nearly everything you can do in word processing software (e.g. stylize text, add special characters, embed images) can be done right from within the WordPress editor. The one type of functionality that hasn’t yet translated over to WordPress, however, is table design. Although a table isn’t necessarily a common feature used in web design, it’s a basic enough element...

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Red Rock Digital Media Customer Review of Interactive Online

Thank you Red Rock Digital Media for the positive feedback you recently posted to our customer reviews page in regards to our cPanel Hosting services! This is a long overdue review. Most importantly, I've been an interactiveonline client for two years. I found their service through a trade magazine and although I had never heard of them, I figured it had to be better than Go Daddy and Network Solutions. I feel...

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