The Benefits of Guest Blogging: Your Guide to Finding Success

If you’re a newbie blogger that wants to build your brand and reputation online, guest blogging is a helpful way to not only get more followers, but also to help you build credibility (and perceived expertise). That said, some people think that guest blogging is dead. In fact, that’s exactly what Google’s Matt Cutts was trying to get across in his own article aptly titled “The decay and fall of guest...

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Content Syndication in WordPress: Why It’s Not Just for Bloggers

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “syndication” as it pertains to the web, think of something like the TV show Seinfeld. Even though the show ended in 1998, you’re likely still seeing reruns of episodes on TV today–and not necessarily on the original broadcasting station the show aired on either. That is a form of syndication. Basically, content syndication in WordPress works like this: someone makes a copy of content that...

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