What Comes Next for Chatbots and Customer Experience

PHOTO: Teacher Traveler Chatbots are a simple and fun way to help shoppers find what they are looking for and enhance their online customer experience. Thanks to recent advances, web developers are now creating chatbots that are ever-more human, aiding the flow of communication by recognizing verbal patterns and interpreting non-verbal signs. Chat applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger allow...

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Why I Hate Customer Service Chatbots

PHOTO: bebeplace My recent experiences with artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, especially those used for customer support, have left me feeling irritated rather than amazed — and I don't think I'm alone.  How do I hate chatbots? Let me count the ways:  Chatbots Want to Talk Your Ear Off If I chat with a human being, I can express complex issues and speak in...

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A Good Chatbot Is Hard to Find

PHOTO: 수안 최 I am currently yelling in frustration at the chatbot on the website I am visiting, and it doesn’t seem to care. While I recognize that chatbots and conversation-driven marketing and sales platforms can be highly beneficial for B2B sales, they are a major source of frustration for the average B2C customer experience — because chatbots cannot establish relationships, display empathy,...

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