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Why Data Alone Won’t Produce Insights

Try as you might to squeeze insights out of data, it takes more than just data alone PHOTO: Christiann Koepke Data is one of the most valuable assets in an enterprise, yet transforming that data into insights causes so many challenges, its true value is often difficult to realize. These challenges also make it difficult for enterprises to optimize their technology investments.  Think...

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2017 Contributors of the Year: Joanna Schloss

The aphorism "perfect is the enemy of good" can be found in Voltaire's writings, Shakespeare's plays and Joanna Schloss's analytics advice. As a subject matter expert in all things analytics, including business intelligence, big data, data warehousing and more, Schloss cuts through the buzzwords to make analytics approachable. Through her writing, her speaking engagements and more, Schloss has made good on the goal she set only two years ago: "To...

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