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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is Moving to the Cloud

Gone are the days when CEOs were celebrated for trusting their gut. In the digital era there is data to crunch, vizzes to look at, algorithms to apply, and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions to help managers link their strategies to their objectives and execution, all in an attempt to improve business results. What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Gartner defines EPM as "the process of...

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What It is and How It Can Provide Insight for Your Business

Tableau PHOTO: Tableau Tableau is business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform created for the purposes of helping people see, understand, and make decisions with data. Based in Seattle, Tableau Software was founded with a simple mission, to "put the power of data into the hands of everyday people, allowing a broad population of business users to engage with their data, ask questions, solve problems and create value." Businesses...

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