Take Charge of Your Customer Data for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

PHOTO: Quincena Musical Because businesses collect vast volumes of customer data, it’s easy to assume that marketers have everything they need to understand what makes customers tick. So why is it that so many marketing departments still resort to mass campaigns aimed at no particular demographic? The reason is the same as it has been for years: Businesses have masses of data,...

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What’s the Difference Between Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms?

PHOTO: Arno Smit The modern connected customer has completely redefined the relationship between brands and consumers.  People now use dozens of digital and physical touchpoints during their path to purchase. They expect seamless transitions between the various channels and relevant messaging at all points along their journeys.  To provide the engaging experiences consumers want, marketers must rid themselves of fragmented marketing stacks...

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Building Bridges Between Your Online and Offline Data

PHOTO: Gunnar Ries zwo Consumers shop both in the real world and online, crossing back and forth between the two without a second thought. But connecting the dots between online and offline data isn't quite so easy for brands, making it a problem and a priority.  I hope you like building bridges ...

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