8 Considerations When Branding Your Chatbot

PHOTO: Shutterstock When interviewing potential new employees, you appraise them on multiple levels. Like how they present themselves, what they wear, how they speak and what they say. You ask yourself, “Can I work with this person?” Or more importantly, “Do I trust them representing our brand in customer-facing scenarios?" These same questions and concerns should apply when selecting and branding...

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Why Organizations Are Turning To Artificial Intelligence

PHOTO: Shutterstock There's no doubt that AI adoption is increasing, in fact, a recent article from Forbes stated that 80 percent of business are investing in AI. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd agrees and is betting the fortunes of Oracle on the fact that more than half of enterprise data will be managed autonomously by 2020. “The future is autonomous,” Hurd told the...

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What is Conversational UI, and Why It’s Important

Conversational UI is simply a chatbot experience that processes language in a natural way as if you were texting or speaking with another human being. A typical experience with technology, this included computers, websites and mobile apps, is conducted in a way that requires people to click on different icons or links in order to get the computer to do anything. It’s neither natural nor human-like communication, even if by...

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