Trending Ways to Use Color in Web Design

Color is a staple design element we see everywhere in our lives such as on every website we visit or app we use. Right now you’re seeing the colors of Designmodo. If you’re reading this article on a “read it later” kind of app you’re seeing the colors of that app. No brainer. The thing is, each year we see a lot of design trend predictions and they never fail...

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12 Best Color Scheme Generator Web Apps for Designers

Smart designers know it’s a waste of time to reinvent the wheel. And with so many free resources online it’s easier than ever to find tools that’ll save you time. Color selection is a big process and often requires a lot of tweaking to get just right. You can save time by using color webapps that generate relevant color schemes from scratch, all 100% free! And I’ve curated the best ones...

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