community management

Don’t Base Your Brand Community on Hope: Research Matters

PHOTO: Artotem There are two ways to build a brand community: ask for budget, cross your fingers and hope you’re gathering the right people in the right way; or research potential and existing members and leaders in your organization to find out exactly how a community can best serve the needs of both groups. The latter sounds tedious and time-consuming and,...

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A Platform Isn’t a Community

PHOTO: Alessio Jacona What do data security and scalable online moderation have in common? Both are plaguing Facebook right now, and both indicate a profound milestone in the evolution of the Information Age. For many years, tech companies and consumers alike have been confusing the term “platform” with the term “community.” "Platform," like its more techie counterpart, "network," has been...

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9 Big Community and Collaboration Platform Trends for 2018

2017 was a busy year for community and collaboration platforms and 2018 is looking to be more of the same PHOTO: William White Online community software had a big year in 2017, and it looks as if this trend will continue into 2018. On the one end you’ve got richer community experiences and more personalization, and at the other, big headlines around mergers and acquisitions to consolidate niche...

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