Conversion Rate

Optimize Conversions with GetSiteControl – Designmodo

GetSiteControl is a web-based solution that can help you increase website engagement. The tool allows anyone to quickly add widgets such as subscription forms, contact forms, chat widgets, social media integration and more to their websites. Launched in 2014, the tool is based on years of experience in user interaction. Unlike other tools, built to address a problem, the conversion problem, GetSiteControl was designed to avoid the problem altogether by providing easy...

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How to Improve the UX of Your e-Commerce Website Visitors

One of the main parts of a high-level website is undoubtedly a great user experience. This will, ultimately, tell if you have an increase in your exit rate or an increase in your conversion rate. You will find that a lot of companies nowadays invest in the user experience of their website, in order to stay competitive. You must guide and help users navigate when they’re using your website or application. Providing access The...

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The Design Side Of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions drive the web but most designers don’t think like this. Whenever you write an article and someone finds it in Google, their click is a conversion onto your site. If they keep reading and sign up for your newsletter that’s another conversion based on different goals. Web design is about usability but it’s also about KPIs and user engagement. I’d like to dive into both areas and try merging these two ideas with conversion rate...

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