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Pave the Way to Better Customer Experience by Dismantling Internal Silos

Looking only at individual touchpoints rather than the overarching customer journey will only lead to a bumpy ride in the customer experience PHOTO: Robson Hatsukami Morgan We need to talk about silos. Recent research by my firm shows that more than two thirds of digital managers (68 percent) believe their organization’s internal structures are having a negative influence on the business’s ability to deliver effective customer journeys.  In another...

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Do Customer Journeys Get Marketers Where They Want to Go?

Business talk a big talk about customer journeys, but then doubts creep in. Here are four ways you might be sabotaging your customer journey programs PHOTO: elizabeth lies Companies still talk the big talk when it comes to building out fully automated customer journeys, but then doubt creeps in: is it worth the effort? Do customer journeys deliver the ROI you want?  We frequently see journey campaigns outperforming...

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How the Power of Simple Helps to Navigate the Buyer Journey

Ask yourself the questions "why," "who," "how" and "where" to gain a clear understanding of your buyer's motivations PHOTO: Shutterstock ID:410791111 We all agree: the world of business has become increasingly complicated, with a constant flow of new technologies, changing regulations and disruptive competitors. As marketers, we feel the burden of engaging with the inhabitants of this complex, convoluted and often highly confusing world. How can we navigate...

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