The Ultimate Guide to Theme Template Files in WordPress

If you’ve ever delved under the hood of a WordPress theme, you’ll know that it contains four kinds of files: the stylesheet, the functions file, a number of template parts, and one or (most likely) more template files. For a theme to work, it must have at least two files: the stylesheet and an index.php template file. But most themes will have more template files than that, each of which is...

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The Ultimate WordPress Backend Tutorial: A Guide to Customization

There’s a lot that goes into developing WordPress websites from the ground up, which is why I hope you’ve found the WordPress startup guide helpful. Having one cohesive guide that walks you through the process step-by-step can be an invaluable tool when you’re first starting work as a WordPress developer. Once you’ve mastered the WordPress website setup process, be sure to tackle the SEO tutorial next. This will teach you all...

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How to Use One Query to Run Multiple Loops

I’ve written a few posts here on the blog about the WP_Query class and how to use it to create multiple queries and multiple loops. I’m a big fan of WP_Query, and often use it on client sites and my own site to create advanced and custom queries. However, it does have its downsides if you overdo things. One reader rightly commented on my recent post on using the loop to style your...

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