My Cybersecurity Confession

PHOTO: Kristina Flour Before the confession, I want to share a recent and valuable report from Verizon. Its 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report has a depth of valuable information that merits the attention of every practitioner. The summary of findings included these observations: 73 percent of breaches in the last year (of which Verizon is aware) were perpetrated by outsiders, while 28...

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Internet Security Threats to Watch For in 2018

PHOTO: U.S. Department of Agriculture The number of cybersecurity incidents threatening our organizations is climbing at an alarming rate. Cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated in both the type of attacks they attempt and their ability to carry them out. The white hats, meanwhile, are scrambling to keep up. Despite continuing growth in cybersecurity spending, they seem to be losing ground. Last...

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